Lucrative, Fun & World-Changing! I have always been really confused and frustrated in my business but thanks to your advice I am transforming in into something way more lucrative, fun and world-changing!

A. Janssen Copenaghen - Denmark

Dear Francesco, I just wanted to THANK YOU for your amazing book KILL BIZ - The 7 Business Killing Lies.              I attended many classes and bought other programs from *********** and other well-known names for my business. I spent well over $1000 and YOUR ONE BOOK gave me much more results than all the other stuff I have paid so much for! (P.S. Love your sense of humor and your blunt and direct style!)

Jason R. Success Trainer

I couldn’t imagine MAKING MONEY doing the spiritual work I love could have been SO EASY! Thanks to you Francesco, I attracted 20 NEW CLIENTS in 30 days after our first session! I was really struggling before and I had to do a job I didn’t like. Francesco you really changed my life! And I can see that this is just the beginning! I am m building my business system! Looking forward to our next session! (Note to myself: Follow Francesco’s Advice!) -

Giuly T.
Giuly T. Healer and Spiritual Teacher - California, US

FROM 0 TO 13 CLIENTS AFTER JUST ONE SESSION WITH YOU! Before I had no clients, buy after JUST ONE coaching session with you, I was able to get five paying clients last week and six other the week before!! Woohoo! I will remember my “target audience”! Thanks to your advice I also attracted two people who are high profile who have booked 10 sessions with me! Things are happening! How does it get any better? -

Claire Body Worker and Facilitator - Netherlands

MONTHS AFTER, PEOPLE STILL TALK ABOUT YOU! My people are still talking about the amazing seminar you did months ago! They were skeptical because of your young age, but you definitively exceeded their expectations with your outstanding wisdom! They loved your energy and they are now raving for more! I personally desire to acknowledge you for your terrific ability to inspire people making them “see beyond the mountain.” 

Edoardo L.
Edoardo L. Entrepreneur and Health Advisor - Turin, Italy.

Enlightening Experience! Dear Francesco is has been an enlightening experience for me to be part of your coaching group. Your ability to diagnose a problem and to find a solution is a incredibly amazing!

Susan W. Paris - France

TRIPLED RESPONSE Using ONE Of Your Insights! The “Why Me?” USP technique you taught me worked greatly! By using it I tripled my response when talking with new clients! This translates in several thousands dollars in additional income this year, just from ONE piece of your advice! -

Lisa N.
Lisa N. New Castle, IN

What You Do Is GREAT! What you do is great and I really wanna thank you for being this beautiful contribution and keep going and going, good to know people like you are out there!

Sarah Hui Hamburg - Germany

Broke To MONEY within 24 Hours! Only 10 days ago I attended your “Joy Of Money” Class and boy, my Universe changed! … I was broke for months before and few days after I did the class with you, I seemed to kick into gear and I took some action and WITHIN 24 HOURS I had money coming in from FOUR different directions! -

Eliza A.
Eliza A. Netherlands

Brilliant Out Of The Box Strategies! I do not know where you have learn all the stuff you thought me, but your teachings are absolutely superb! Your strategies are brilliant and you really showed me what thinking out of the box means.

Ellen Haynes Emerald - Australia

Brilliant in Business, Playful in Life - I met Francesco while working together at a self-improvement seminars for kids. The amazing thing about him is his ability to switch from being a brilliant business man who deals with serious business people to be extremely kind and generous person who enjoys playing with a kids as he were one of them!

Simona Destro
Simona Destro Aspiring Coach and Trainer - Italy

Life-Changing Workshop! Thank you Francesco! The Workshop was very, very beautiful, interesting and inspiring. It will definitely change my life… it will make it better… it will enrich it.Thanks.

Sylvia Neuer
Sylvia Neuer Vienna - Austria

Dr. Pierfrancesco Maria Rovere MD Says

“I have know Francesco since he was 8 years old, he  has always been sort of a creative rebel, eccentric but honest and reliable. I always knew he would have done great things. But to be honest I didn’t expect he would have done it so fast. Usually creative people need time to find the right direction in to express themselves. And sincerely I was amazed when I saw this 19 years old kid traveling in foreign countries holding seminars and classes! And what to say about Create Your World-Changing Business™? Well I believe this is Francesco’s best creation ever!”At this point is life experience and his talent are well balanced and mixed together. He is not only committed to make his business extremely successful but he is absolutely clear and determined in making other people successful. As a doctor, as someone who has dedicated his life to helping people, I can say what are the qualities and the attitudes that a person needs in order to do that. As his mentor, I am proud to say Francesco has it all. No doubts about it. It doesn’t matter how screwed up or how successful you are, he will always have precious insights to contribute to you!”

P.S. I read this book. It’s brilliant and extremely useful! It even helped me in my career as a professional author, speaker and doctor!”

Dr. Rovere is a dear friend and early mentor of Francesco. He is an internationally renowned physician, author of over 15 books on health and founder of the Epigenetic Naturology Institute. Dr. Rovere is also a talented artist and musician. He created the “Neo-Post-Idealism”movement and he has performed in many prestigious locations like Dubai, Monte Carlo, Los Angeles, Aurangabad and many others. Here is what he says about Francesco and about Create Your World-Chnaging Business™.

Fear "0" - Mario "1" Thank you, you are so contribution to the world, go on!I was afraid to show who I really am to the world. I was limiting myself now being willing to be seen as truly am! I was hiding my talent and my abilities.Thank you to help me unlocking myself! I  let go the fear and all the misunderstandings  and now I am being who I truly am! Woow! I feel much better!!

 Mario Kolik - Croatia
Mario Kolik - Croatia Masseur & Access Bars Facilitator

I know you have a proverb in Italy: "The small barrel contains the best wine"... Well you are the small and young barrel with the best wine!!! Your provocative perspectives, are extremely empowering and enriching. Your content is outstanding and pragmatic. You really are the best business consultant I have ever met! You don't only helped me make more money but also made me an happier person! Tons of gratitude.

Brenda M.

I always knew you are a visionary, but now you proved me you also know how to make visions come true! Now I clearly see how to use my music to help others. You had a profound impact on me and helped me to see what's the right path for me. A million thanks!

Davide G.

It’s Amazing, Exiting and Fun When THINGS WORKS! I have tried many things in my life but I have to say that your brilliant advice is THE FIRST thing that really worked for me! It’s and fun when things work! I am not only earning a living doing what I like to do, but I am also much more confident in myself. And I have a deep sense of calm, certainty and excitement about the future!

Sindy G.
Sindy G. United Kingdom

You showed me possibilities in my business I never thought about! Francesco you really are a PRO! You teachings are mind blowing. You showed me possibilities in my business I never thought about. I  and I am in the coaching business since more then 20 years! It's incredible how you can see possibilities beyond the conventional way of doing business and marketing!

T. Sullivan Management Specialist - Oregon

You really helped me to find out what was missing in my business. You made me much more confident in myself, helped me to unleash my talents and to discover a bigger vision for my life and for my business! Thank you so much! P.S. I wanna keep working with you!

Victoria O.

Highly Effective Strategies! The strategies you design for people are highly effective because you make them understand the strategy and put it in to effect.

David Patten - Brighton, UK

INSPIRING, FASCINATING AND CONCRETE! The tools, strategies and insights you shared with me are inspiring and fascinating. You made me see a the world in a totally different way! But most important what you teach WORKS! I am amazed! I have been looking for something like this for years! I went to many business classes but what I learned from you is the only thing that actually works! 

Sara V.
Sara V. Stockholm, Sweden

Doubled Income In Just 3 Months! Your workshops in two words? Life-changing! It has not been often in my 12 years in the holistic business I have been rewarded with real substance and workable methods to create wealth. Many people teach about money and business but it seems to me you are one of the few who actually know what he is talking about. Prove is I doubled my income in just 3 months!

Mary H.

A Consciousness- Filled Contribution "Hi Francesco, it has been a real pleasure to meet you. What a wonderful and consciousness-filled contribution to my own transformation. I am infinitely grateful to you. Thanks for everything you gave me and to all the other people here in Varaždin. Your smile shine with joy. It's rare to meet sincere smiles like yours. I would like to live them every day. Starting from very morning looking into the mirror. Every day. A hug to you and greetings from Varaždin. "

Ariana Labura Varaždin, Croatia


“The peculiarity of Francesco that immediately appealed to me was his ability to see and perceive things beyond the conventional schemes. I am really grateful to him because he helps me to keep my curiosity and enthusiasm alive! Every time we share the stage or work together as coaches and trainers I wonder "what could we do if we use our full potential?" And he is also a talented body-worker and one of the first times we meet he fixed my shoulder in one treatment!”

What People Say About Me As A Facilitator/Coach

Below you find some of the things that people say about me and my work as a facilitator/coach. These things are no directly connected to the Create Your World-Changing Business™ project but I decided to include them here  to show you two things. First - I have been a facilitator and I AM a facilitator. I am one of you and I know how it is like. I am not one of the many business and marketing consultants out there, who pretend to teach you how to market you business without never have been in it! I have been a coach, a consultant and a facilitator and I still am. This is why I can be a great choice to help you build your business, because I actually know the holistic and the "self-help" businesses and how they work. Second - How good you are doesn't matter! I get some of these testimonials years ago when I was still struggling with my business. As you can see from the words of my clients that my work was pretty good. But being good is not enough! You need to have the best strategies and the best tools if you want to build a profitable and successful world-changing business!“

I received a session from Francesco and it totally BLOWN EVERYTHING AWAY! It was like my body actually changed from a place where I was that my body had to be like to a place where I had total choice to create my body the way my body actually would like to be created. It's difficult to find words for it, but the change is just AMAZING! It's like being this space of choice instead of contraction and no choice... I highly highly highly recommend let him work with your body and your being".

My Södergren
My Södergren TV-host & Access Consciousness™ Facilitator - Stockholm Sweden

I received a body work session from Francesco Marcuccio and it was just AMAZING! Before I felt like my body was in a cage and I just wanted to free my body and use my all potential... And when I got off the massage table that was exactly what I received! After my body was FREE and I could move like nothing else and I was HAPPY! It's just an amazing feeling. I can't put in words what it feels like but there is just SO MUCH SPACE for me right now. I am so grateful for this. It's just amazing...

Evelina Franzén
Evelina Franzén Sweden

"I had a session with Francesco and it was just AMAZING! I felt this really nice energy and I had a breakthrough in some of my symptoms and I am feeling great after!"

Dr. Heleen Hammink DC
Dr. Heleen Hammink DC Netherlands

Awareness And Magic - My body was so ready to let go of a lot of old things. Things that never belonged to me in the first place. I now feel so relaxed and free from that weight. I can perceive a whole new beginning for me, starting now. Gratefulness and joy for Francesco's body awareness and magic.

Agneta B.
Agneta B. Stockholm, Sweden

The Desert Starts To Bloom... Dear Francesco, I also want to let you know that I felt very safe and secure yesterday. Normally it is tough for me to talk in the presence of other people – fears from my childhood. And for me it was just beautiful to feel so taken care of, perceived and safe yesterday… those are wonderful gifts for me that make me cry. I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s seminar and can’t wait to be in your presence again. I have the feeling that the desert starts to bloom again! Thank you very much for everything. Thank you both for being there! With love.

Hanni F. Vienna - Austria

Almost Surreal: I saw the real me for the first time! - I’ve done three "Symphony of Being" with Francesco. I had no idea what would happen or what to expect before. I just knew it was something for me. After the first session, I felt like I saw the real me for the first time in a long time or maybe ever, it was almost surreal.  I received deeper connection and greater communication with my body and it is much more at ease.I have more of the “real” me. At the second session, Francesco discovered how much stuff I had put into my stomach that wasn’t even mine. I had no idea I had been carrying around this tension for so long. I thought it was a part of me. Afterwards, my body felt lighter and I was so much more space. At the third session, a lot of suppressed anger came up for me, I didn’t know I had this either, but after Francesco had worked on my body for a while it was gone. Afterwards I felt empty and uncomfortable but later I realized it was just the space of me. Francesco has a unique way of picking up what goes on for everyone in the room. As he works with everyone in the room at the same time, everyone benefits from the clearings he does. His caring and the way he works with body is totally new for me. I would recommend him for everyone who wants a shift in their body and who knows something else is possible.Thank you! Much gratitude.

Pernilla Helmensson - Stockholm - Sweden
Pernilla Helmensson - Stockholm - Sweden Access Consciusness© Facilitator

Conscious Entrepreneurs And Younite™ Founders Say

 “Francesco, fantastic person, trainer and we are always very happy to work with him. He has a great capacity to connect with people and to guide them in their development. Patience, Energy, Determination, Enthusiasm and Simplicity are for us the words which fit great with Francesco. We are very grateful to have him with us as a Younite trainer, because every teenagers is in absolutely great hands with him.”

Teen-Age Daughter Stopped Smoking - We want thank you for all wonderful words and for all what did you do for us. Our lives get better and we are very happy. What else i possible? Stela started with sport (she runs and her ankle is ok), Sara stopped smoking and she thinks about her first exhibition. And I? I am very happy person, great wife (that says my husband) and the best mother on the world. We send you a million kisses... and a few happy pictures from our happy lives.

R. Cuklin Varazdin, Croatia

The best Croatian women athlete Blanka Vlašić gave me her sneakers! Dear Francesco, I hope that you didn't forget us.We think on you every day. I want to thank you for everything what you do for me and my family. My mother had fear of horses but now she doesn't feel that fear anymore. We were on a horse farm and we rode horse.My mum wants to go on Bars Course and she already talked with one woman who will have bars course. We saw that you use Sara's photography and we are very proud on Sara. My father is better, not so good as we women, but he trying every day that he feels good. I started with sport. My ankle doesn't pain me any more. On school competition I won and I got the greatest reward. The best Croatian women athlete Blanka Vlašić gave me her sneakers. I am dancing, I am running,...I wish you all good things in your life. Biiiig hug and big kiss.

Stela Croatia

17 Years Old Pain Gone! Francesco, I will never be able to thank you for everything you have done for me. My physical pain, which I had to live with since 17 years, was so much better last night and I was able to find out that I do not have this pain because my bones are worn out but because of the heaviness that I always feel inside of me. This pressure that makes everything so tough and this tightness which often feels overwhelming to me… both are gone since yesterdays Workshop! I can not believe it myself! I feel so free inside of me and I know that I will soon be able to live this freedom in the outside world too. Currently I flutter around like a butterfly. In the morning I went shopping… usually it is very tough for me to move forward because of the pain in my body… today I walked with such an ease and with such a beautiful, free smile… I wished I was able to fly above or dance on the pathway. Thank you so much.

Hanni Vienna - Austria

What an amazing experience! I received a body session from Francesco W. Marcuccio yesterday and I was amazed how my body reacted. It was Awesome! We had so much fun!! My body is still so happy waking up this morning. What an amazing experience! My body has loosened up... More space... What else can I receive now? How does it get even better?

Mik Bijleveld, Netehrlands
Mik Bijleveld, Netehrlands Access Consciousness© Facilitator

Priceless Sense Of Peace And Reconnection - I did a Body Class with Francesco and it is hard to find the words to describe how much I got out of it, or how much I appreciated the class! Francesco reminded me of how when we take care of our body, we take care of ourselves and how it is easy to neglect the body. Not only did my body feel amazing after the class (and has continued to), I also had a huge sense of peace and reconnection with myself which is simply priceless. I am so grateful to Francesco for this! I have rarely met someone who can be so present and caring in every moment and this helped me to become more of that since the class. Thank you Francesco!

 Sandy Leveque
Sandy Leveque Toulouse France

Insights Came To Me... - Dear Francesco, thank you for the wonderful treatment I got to experience yesterday. I felt very locked when I came... because I was worried deep into my heart concerning an event that occurred during the day with a dear friend, and I was very focused on the event and the other person. During the course of the treatment my energies grew more and more, whereas the energies of the other person disappeared, and I could then receive more of me and the treatment. My breathing was heavy ... and there was quite a bit that was delivered during the treatment. Some insights came to me ... one of them was that I would need to change apartment  ... because I realized that it is not the best of energies where I live now. When the treatment was over my focus was only on me, and that was liberating. I could enjoy the evening in a totally different spirit. I warmly recommend to others!"

Nina A.
Nina A. Sweden

A Million Butterflies Flew From My Heart - Hi my dear angel, I want and I feel that I have write to you a few words about my feelings and what means yours coming in Varaždin for me. All my life I lived locked in myself and I felt that I will explode. I prayed the God and the Universe that make some miracle in my life and stopped my situation. My childhood was terrible (my mother always said: Don't trust the people, they will hurt you. My father was alcoholic and he died from alcohol). I always lived in fear and believed that I am NOTHING. When I meet Predrag everything changed but only from outside. He is so good, gentle and he loves me so much. But I fended everything what he offered to me. I didn't believe in anything what he "brought" at home. I needed a miracle which will change everything in my life. When Mario invited us to your classes and told us that Francesco from Italy was coming I thought: Oh no, again something boring but I will go because I promised to Predrag. When I was on the table I felt that there was something you wanted to do with my body but of course I fended that. In one moment when you put your hand on my back from my heart flew million butterflies and they were shouting: We are finally free; people look at us how beautiful we are and free. Now I know that was my miracle, this moment and everything what happened that day. After that I cried the two weeks but I was happy. Any old situation I watched with new eyes and I felt wonderfully. More tears more happiness (like a magic formula). I am 44 years old, I am in menopause and I always was tired. Now I feel free and I am full of energy. I see the world through different eyes. People around me are happy and beautiful; the world around me is wonderfully. What, what else is possible? I don't feel fear, I can hardly wait that I see what else is possible in my life. So, this is really testimonial about my feelings, about my life and about who I really am. How get any better than that? We love you so much. We hope to see you soon in Croatia. Ciao!

Romina Croatia

Tears Of Joy... The whole week was a process by itself, so much beauty around us in Cap d'Antibes, that was already a lesson in receiving for me !then sharing this space with such beautiful souls, and the sense of community felt great and nourishing for me.And then we did the body work classes on the grass in the sunshine : I expanded so much under your caring touch, it was like traveling through space, a luminous galaxy, where I was one with the universe... I got a glimpse of how unlimited I truly was and will keep this state of being anchored in me as much as possible in my everyday life here. I felt so vulnerable receiving all this caring that the tears came, tears of joy, of overwhelm with all this beauty pouring into me ! Since then, every little scene of beauty touches my soul, every caring word touches me deeply, I am finally opening up this heart and being to what it can truly receive, turn up the power, I'm getting ready for it !Amazing what is happening around me too, just by being more who I truly am : the most gentle and caring people I ever dreamt of are appearing in my life to add to this feeling of space and care I am. How does it get any better than this ??? Well believe me it can and it will !!!Francesco you are a gift, you are so "spacious" in your being, you encourage others to be the same, even if the following week I felt so little again, thinking I needed to be by your side to feel this again...  Now I can see the effect I have on others, the whole process is to show them how to be that spacious by themselves... Thank you for being so present (and a present/ gift)  with me during that wonderful week... I am finally making friends with my own beauty and caring, for all to see ! With all my care, Annick.

Annick Buiron - Paris, France
Annick Buiron - Paris, France Access Consciousness Facilitator

Free From "Old Stuff" - Thank you Francesco for your private session… I feel freed from lots of old stuff… tired but full of energy at the same time… thank you!

Eva Wagner Vienna, Austria

Simply Wonderful, Can't Explain. Thank you for the wonderful time I was able to spend with you. Both days gave me so much, I can not explain. Also the private session was a wonderful experience for me. Thanks, thanks...

Walter Vienna, Austria

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