Are You A World-Changer?

Are you a dreamer? A game-changer? Is there anything you would like to see different in your life and in the world? Our target is to empower people like YOU dreamers, visionaries, game-changers, those who have the power to inspire and to have a positive impact on other people lives because I believe they are the leaders of tomorrow, the leaders for a more conscious world.

How Can We Help You With?

  • Discover and express your GIFTS and TALENTS
  • Overcome the limitations that are keeping you from becoming WEALTHY and INFLUENTIAL
  • Attract floods of your "SOUL-MATE" CLIENTS
  • Earn money doing what you LOVE
  • Differentiate from your competitors and be UNIQUE
  • Be the LEADER in your field
  • Create AUTOMATIC STREAMS OF INCOME to earn way more then the average practitioner
  • Work ONLY as much as you want
  • Achieve TRUE freedom, happiness and wealth
  • MAKE THE DIFFERENCE in the world
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  • Attract More Clients

    Learn how to attract the right people for you. “Soul-Mate Clients” who are really grateful and happy to PAY YOU for your products  and services, and will become your friends and help you to realize your dreams.

  • Grow Your Business

    Discover the secrets to earn WAY MORE MONEY then just enough to pay your bills and cover your life expenses and start giving yourself and your family the kind of life-style you desire and deserve.

  • Change The World!

    Grow your own conscious-business. Became the leader of an adventure that will give you the FREEDOM and the POWER to make the difference in other people life and to make the world a better place!

CYWCB™ was created to empower CONSCIOUS-ENTREPRENEURS (coaches, consultants, facilitators,holistic-practitioners, speakers etc.) to achieve prosperity, freedom and to make a difference in the world!

Through coaching, books, products, services, conferences and more, we teach entrepreneurs how to attract attract more high-quality clients (who are really interested in what they do), how to create wealth and how to build a successful business that makes a difference in the world!

This way they can do what they love without compromising their values and live the life of their dreams while contributing to many other people.

We teach practical strategies, sophisticated psychological techniques along with the "hidden strategies" and the “secret alchemies” of the most knowledgable and respected Self-Help Gurus of all time, covering BOTH the psychological and the technical aspect of building a successful business that truly makes a difference in other people life.

Amazing Professional Who Have Already Chosen Us:

  • Facilitators, Coaches, Consultants, Counselors And Workshop Leaders
  • Chiropractors, Masseurs, Body Worker
  • Physical Therapyist (Pilates, Yoga)
  • NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioners And Inspirational Speakers
  • Alternative Medicine & Holistic Practitioners And Therapists
  • Nutrition & Fitness Experts
  • Acupuncture & Ayurveda Practitioner
  • ...And also people who had NO idea where to start!

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"The 7 Business-Killing Lies They Implanted In Your Mind, To Crash Your CASH, Squelch Your WEALTH, Slaughter Your POWER, Suppress Your SUCCESS And Kidnap Your DREAMS"

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What Savvy Professionals And Happy Customers Are Saying

Francesco  is absolutely CLEAR AND COMMITTED IN MAKING OTHERS SUCCESSFUL. As a doctor, as someone who has dedicated his life to helping people, I can say what are the qualities and the attitudes that a person needs in order to do that.

Dr. Pierfrancesco M. Rovere, MD
Dr. Pierfrancesco M. Rovere, MD Author, Speaker, Trainer

Dear Francesco, I just wanted to THANK YOU for your amazing book KILL BIZ - The 7 Business Killing Lies.              I attended many classes and bought other programs from *********** and other well-known names for my business. I spent well over $1000 and YOUR ONE BOOK gave me much more results than all the other stuff I have paid so much for! (P.S. Love your sense of humor and your blunt and direct style!)

Jason R. Success Trainer

I couldn’t imagine MAKING MONEY doing the spiritual work I love could have been SO EASY! Thanks to you Francesco, I attracted 20 NEW CLIENTS in 30 days after our first session! I was really struggling before and I had to do a job I didn’t like. Francesco you really changed my life! And I can see that this is just the beginning! I am m building my business system! Looking forward to our next session! (Note to myself: Follow Francesco’s Advice!) -

Giuly T.
Giuly T. Healer and Spiritual Teacher - California, US

FROM 0 TO 13 CLIENTS AFTER JUST ONE SESSION WITH YOU! Before I had no clients, buy after JUST ONE coaching session with you, I was able to get five paying clients last week and six other the week before!! Woohoo! I will remember my “target audience”! Thanks to your advice I also attracted two people who are high profile who have booked 10 sessions with me! Things are happening! How does it get any better? -

Claire Body Worker and Facilitator - Netherlands

MONTHS AFTER, PEOPLE STILL TALK ABOUT YOU! My people are still talking about the amazing seminar you did months ago! They were skeptical because of your young age, but you definitively exceeded their expectations with your outstanding wisdom! They loved your energy and they are now raving for more! I personally desire to acknowledge you for your terrific ability to inspire people making them “see beyond the mountain.” 

Edoardo L.
Edoardo L. Entrepreneur and Health Advisor - Turin, Italy.

INSPIRING, FASCINATING AND CONCRETE! The tools, strategies and insights you shared with me are inspiring and fascinating. You made me see a the world in a totally different way! But most important what you teach WORKS! I am amazed! I have been looking for something like this for years! I went to many business classes but what I learned from you is the only thing that actually works! 

Sara V.
Sara V. Stockholm, Sweden

It’s Amazing, Exiting and Fun When THINGS WORKS! I have tried many things in my life but I have to say that your brilliant advice is THE FIRST thing that really worked for me! It’s and fun when things work! I am not only earning a living doing what I like to do, but I am also much more confident in myself. And I have a deep sense of calm, certainty and excitement about the future!

Sindy G.
Sindy G. United Kingdom

TRIPLED RESPONSE Using ONE Of Your Insights! The “Why Me?” USP technique you taught me worked greatly! By using it I tripled my response when talking with new clients! This translates in several thousands dollars in additional income this year, just from ONE piece of your advice! -

Lisa N.
Lisa N. New Castle, IN

Broke To MONEY within 24 Hours! Only 10 days ago I attended your “Joy Of Money” Class and boy, my Universe changed! … I was broke for months before and few days after I did the class with you, I seemed to kick into gear and I took some action and WITHIN 24 HOURS I had money coming in from FOUR different directions! -

Eliza A.
Eliza A. Netherlands

About Francesco W. Marcuccio

"The Business Peter Pan"

Article by Valentina Rocchia

As children, many dream to change the world but then they grow up and the world starts changing them, Mr. Marcuccio just never grew up! He is a writer, a speaker, an entrepreneur, a business consultant, but more than anything else he is a dreamer and a rebel.

Not being able to stand the conventional way of living and doing business, he became sort of a “Peter Pan” of the business world who leads conscious-entrepreneurs to “Business Neverland,” a place made of freedom, prosperity and ethical wealth.

He is the founder of Create Your World-Changing Business™, a seminar and publishing company providing extraordinary business, marketing and management education to entrepreneurs involved in self-improvement, holistic-care and alternative health.

In a world were most businesses are damaging the people and the planet, Create Your World-Changing Business™ target is to stimulate and promote the creation of businesses that make a positive difference in the world, because as Mr. Marcuccio said: “Real success is a journey that might start with but it always ends with ALL"

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly,

you cease for ever to be able to do it."

- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

The Number One Place For Conscious-Entrepreneurs!

Create Your World-Changing Business™ is a place of Prosperity for dreamers and visionaries who wish to make money with their talents and thrive doing what they love. A place of Freedom for adventurers, rule-breakers, and game-changers who you wish to live life on their own terms. And a place of Consciousness for today’s dreamers and tomorrow’s leaders who wish to make a difference in the world.


The philosophy we teach at CYWCB™ is to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE TODAY, not to wait to have a million dollar. We chose to donate 10% of our revenue to worthy projects and no-profits. Therefore when you invest in your success through our products and coaching programs, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also supporting kids, women and young entrepreneurs around the world.

Here is where some of our donations go:


Younite™ is a company I collaborate with as a speaker and as a coach. Our mission is to provide to kids and teenagers around the world, the kind of education they are not going to get from school.That kind of education and experience that will empower them to believe in themselves, to unleash their full potential and to realize their dreams.

This is from a Camp we did last September

That's me teaching to the Younite's kids!

Virgin Unite

Hello, we’re Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group. We unite great people and entrepreneurial ideas, reinventing how we live and work to help make people’s lives better. We believe business can and must be a force for good in the world – and that this is also good for business!

Thank you for your contribution! Together we can do much more then what we believe!

About Francesco

Francesco W. Marcuccio is the founder and “Chief Adventurer” at Create Your World-Changing Business™. Since a young age, he traveled around the world, holding self-improvement seminars in over 16 countries. His unique teachings, his irreverent style and his super-effective methods have won him the gratitude of of people from every walk of life, everywhere in the world. Francesco’s mission today is to help conscious-entrepreneurs to build and to grow extraordinary businesses and to live extraordinary lives!

How The Hell A Young Italian Kid, Flunked In English, With No College Education And Who Came From A Poor With Ended Up Building A Successful Worldwide Coaching/Consulting Business?

Five years ago when I started my business I thought it would have been easy and exiting to attract clients, make money and be able to live out of what I loved to do, but what a HUMBLING experience was I in for!

...I had no money, no clients, struggling to pay my bills, having to borrow money from family and friends. I was stressed, frustrated, angry, looking at my peers getting ahead and wondering weather I would ever been able to build my business...

Soon I understood that no matter how good you are, the ability to attract clients, build a business and being able to make money was a totally different skill I must to learn. So I decided to became a "DETECTIVE":

In the past 4 years I invested thousands of hours researching and investigating the secrets and the hidden strategies of the most knowledgeable and respected leaders in the field of self-improvement and holistic-care and I saw that world in action from the inside. “I CRACKED THE CODE”!

I identified patterns, strategies, and psychological traits that ALL these leaders have in common and I discovered the SECRETS that every coach, every facilitator, can use of building a  businesses (weather they are just starting or they are already successful). And now I desire to share with YOU my story and some of this super-powerful secrets and ultra-effective strategies! Why do I do it?

Back when I started NOBODY was there to help me so I PROMISED TO MYSELF I would have help everybody who would have asked me because I knew what it meant to be alone and about to give up your dreams. So I started to do some one-on-one consulting and the results were ASTONISHING!

It was so effective for people that soon they started to bring friends and relatives and partners and pretty soon it became one-on-two and one-on-five and one-on-ten and one-on-twenty!! Untill one day someone suggested "Francesco you should open a school!" and I said "That sounds FUN! Let's do it!" and so I ended up founding Create Your World-Changing Business™ and the rest will be history!

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Dedicated to your success and greatness,

Francesco W. Marcuccio

CYWCB™ CEO & Founder

Our target is to help conscious entrepreneurs to build businesses that make the difference for other people and that make the world a better place! Marcuccio International has committed to give away 10% of its revenue to various causes and charities. Find our more.

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